Unleash the Power of Neutral Thinking with SNAP


Hello, I'm Davis Smith – former Division 1 athlete, certified brain health coach, and creator of SNAP (Stop, Notice, Ask, Pivot). In this blog post, I'm excited to share with you the life-changing potential of SNAP and the concept of neutral thinking. By incorporating these principles into your life, you can overcome adversity and achieve success with clarity and calmness. Let's explore how you can transform your mindset and embrace the power of neutrality.

Embracing Neutral Thinking:

  • Neutral thinking is a remarkable approach that allows us to assess situations without being influenced by negative emotions or biases. During my journey as a top golfer, I discovered the immense potential of neutral thinking. It became the key to my success and helped me overcome negativity.

The SNAP Process:

  • SNAP is a four-step process that can help you shift to a neutral mindset even in high-pressure situations:
    a. Stop: Take a moment to pause and acknowledge when negative thoughts or emotions arise. This pause helps interrupt the cycle of negativity.
    b. Notice: Observe and understand your thoughts and emotions without judgment. This step brings clarity and helps you detach from negative narratives.
    c. Ask: Empower yourself by asking empowering questions. By shifting your focus and perspective, you can reframe the situation and explore new possibilities.
    d. Pivot: Take intentional action based on your newfound neutral mindset. Implement positive changes aligned with your values to navigate challenges with resilience and confidence.

Behaving Your Way to Success:

  • SNAP emphasizes the importance of aligning your behavior with your values. By practicing your values within a neutral framework, you create a foundation for long-term success and personal growth.

Build a Supportive Team:

  • Surrounding yourself with a supportive team is crucial for maintaining a neutral mindset. Drawing insights from my experiences working with sports psychologists like Dr. Gio Valentine, Dr. Bob Rosella, and Dr. Daniel Amen, I learned the value of having a supportive team. Seek out individuals who understand and encourage your journey towards neutrality. If you are in need of a therapist I highly recommend the private practice www.healinglifeinstitute.org Each of the therapists use SNAP and can help!


By incorporating SNAP into your life, you can embrace neutral thinking and conquer challenges with calmness, clarity, and resolve. Neutral thinking is a powerful tool that allows you to assess situations without being clouded by negativity. Start your transformative journey today and unlock your full potential with SNAP. Click here to see a short video I did explaining SNAP!

Visit me @mysnapbracelet and discover more about the benefits of incorporating neutral thinking into your life. Let's embark on this journey together and create positive change through the power of neutrality.