Enhance Your Mental Game with the Power of SNAP


Hey there, fellow golf enthusiasts and seekers of a happier life! I'm Davis Smith, a 24-year-old former division 1 NCAA golfer  who has teed off on courses around the world - in fact at the age of 14 I had the privilege to represent the United States in the prestigious Van Horn Cup and sunk the winning putt on 18th to capture the title for our team!

Today, I'm excited to introduce you to some golf analogies to help you master my mindset tool SNAP (stop, notice, ask, pivot) along with personal development strategies. Get ready to sharpen your mental game, both on and off the green, and take control of your life with the incredible tool called SNAP.

Step up to the Tee:

  • Just as a golfer steps up to the tee, you can step up to the challenges in your life with SNAP. The first step, "Stop," allows you to pause and take a moment to regain control of your thoughts and emotions. Like setting up your shot on the tee box, this step sets the foundation for success in any situation.

Notice the Fairway:

  • In golf, you need to assess the fairway and consider the obstacles before taking your swing. Similarly, the second step in SNAP is to "Notice." By becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, and the situation at hand, you gain valuable insights that can guide your actions. Just as a golfer assesses the course, this step helps you make more informed decisions.

Ask the Right Questions:

  • When facing a challenging shot on the golf course, experienced golfers ask themselves important questions to strategize and plan their next move. Likewise, the third step of SNAP is to "Ask" empowering questions. By reframing your perspective and challenging negative thoughts, you can find solutions and possibilities that lead to personal growth and success.

Pivot towards Success:

  • In golf, a successful swing often requires making adjustments, or pivoting, based on the unique circumstances of each shot. Similarly, the final step of SNAP is to "Pivot" towards positive action. Embrace change, adapt your approach, and take intentional steps towards a happier life. Just like a golfer pivots to execute a winning shot, you can pivot towards your desired outcomes.

Before I go I’d love to invite you to join the SNAP Movement and be the boss of your own brain and life!

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